Holiday Patterns

Today we are going to make a pattern out of holiday symbols, you can use these provided ones or find your own.

Using this website:

First save one of these images to your desktop (right click > Save Image As)
Next use the website and load image.
Change the various pattern selection, tiling, colors to your liking.

To finish, export > save surface (proceed) save
 (name it your first name then pattern, example, johnpattern.jpg.)

Copy the pattern to the shared folder.

Snowflake patterns

Today we are going to design our own snowflakes using an online drawing tool called

-Snowflakes have 6 sides so make SURE to change the "Sides" to 6.
-Try each of the various tools and options out, change the opacity, line size, intensity, etc.
-Stay inside the boundaries, especially the top, so we can see the whole flake.
-Make 3 snowflakes (try different colors, brush sizes etc)
-Save each by clicking File > Download Design then click "Save" to your home folder
-copy and paste them into the shared folder.

Student Examples:

Shape Collage - Merry Holiday Greetings

Today we are going to make shape collages using pictures from websites.
Make 3 different shape collages with different picture sources.



Make a word collage of a holiday song you like in a shape you like.
You have the ability to change the colors, fonts, layouts etc.
To save, choose 1MP PNG. (save it to your Y drive)

Holiday song lyrics


Last Semester Assignments
Meet and greet, Rules and expectations.