Arbor One-Line Poetry Presentation

Create a poem presentation where each word is illustrated and the previous word trails from the previous slide.

Theme: Arbor day (trees)

Write a one line poem about trees, try to use unique words in an descriptive and illustrative way.
Try to write your poem to have a deeper meaning.

To get started first write the poem on a slide in OpenOffice Impress.

Thesaurus - use this to help learn and use unique words

Examples of one lined poems.

Then pull the words apart into various slides where there is only TWO words on each slide.
Broken up in a way that shows what the last word was, and the next word.


these are some words

these are  |  are some  |  some words

Why do it this way?
Because, it allows you to design two words on a slide to help draw out different and or deeper meanings to your poem. Also with poetry you are allowed to break the typical writing rules and this can be a creative outlet to expand your understanding of how words put together can communicate.

Once the words are in place, aligned with the slides. THEN go find pictures to illustrate the words.

Insert > Picture > From File
Right click on the picture > Arrange > Send to Back

If some words don't make sense to illustrate by themselves just put a picture that illustrates the overall theme of the poem which is about trees.

copy the presentation file to the shared folder > arbor poems

In the comments section feel free to comment and explain what you think my poem means. (Use Name / URL, ignore the url, just put your name)

Arbor Week Events in Portland

The Grade

Student Work

Animash Your Spring Break

You will learn an online application called Animasher for making a simple story and animation.

Assignment rules, requirements:
Each student will work on their own animashion, no groups or partners.

Each Animashion Must Have:
-at least 5 or more "scenes"
-at least 2 moving elements per scene.
-at least 2 images you import yourself
-text to communicate story
-entire Animashion should be at least 20 seconds long (hoping for 30+ sec)
The Grade

The Assignment:Welcome back from spring break, our assignment is to learn and make an animation (meaning moving pictures) we will be using free software that is on the Internet called a web-app, the animation will tell your spring break story. This story could be completely true or could be exaggerated truth if you wish. Basically keep it in the bounds of reality while allowing fictional imagination to dominate the story telling process.

To learn how to use animasher, it is detailed out in a tutorial when you click on "LEARN".

To get started simple click on this link, or in the address bar type

Sign up for your own account (you do not need to enter an email)
REMEMBER YOUR OWN ACCOUNT  -  I will write it down for you IF you want, but you are a big kid now and need to learn to remember your own login and passwords.

*As tempting as it might be to let creativity fly and break the school computer acceptable use policy, keep in mind all content must stay school appropriate, you should know what this means by now. Usually I have to remind students no guns or other similar violent weapons or imagery.
Timeline - 1 week
Day 1:Intro, WATCH TUTORIALS - LEARN HOW TO ANIMATE! Learn how to use the timeline, storyboard in your mind, form your story, start scene 1.
Day 2: Import picture with proper attribution, Continue scenes
Day 3: Import picture with proper attribution, Continue scenes
Day 4: Add text to help tell your story, Finish all 5 scenes.

Mr. Hurst Example

Save Often (save as not done yet), Tell and show the story, If you want sound you can bring your own headphones.

Green Celebrities!

On a Linux computer, you will learn how to edit several images in changing the skin color of several various people's images to green.
WHY GREEN? because St. Patty's is just around the corner and it's a green holiday.
You will learn how to use the free computer application called GIMP which stands for:

You are welcome to if you enjoy using GIMP download it for free on your computer at home (with your parents permission) it's a powerful image program much like photoshop but it's FREE!!!!
This assignment you must:
-Locate and download 3 to 5 images of people with visable faces.
-Use both methods of changing the skin to green.
-Practice on the remaining 1 to 3 images with the method you prefer.

Timeline 1-2 days:
Day 1: Intro to project, Download 3-5 images, begin method 1.
Day 2: Continue method 1 or begin method 2, practice completing 3-5 images.

Download 3-5 Photographs from the Internet (DAY 1)To start, locate and download 3-5 images of people from the Internet, I would like to have these images be of recognizable people, meaning celebrities  (why?, maybe some odd person changed their skin green and you just download that image thus not having to do the work, also it's easy for us to find and generally considered fair use to use the images of public figures like celebrities). I found an interesting list of portland celebrities which you are welcome to go off of. Other celebrities to consider: Movie stars, musicians, athletes, tv personalities. Celebrities that wouldn't work: Puppets, cartoons, imaginary people,  Navi people, aliens, etc... The pictures MUST be school appropriate, you should know what that means by now, IF you don't know let me know and I can explain to you a little more personally what that means, and have a questionable image, then likely just get a different image.

Step 1: In the browser find an image you would like to download, an easy place to start is Google Image Search.
Step 2: Right click on the image to pull up the context menu
Step 3: Click on "Save image as"
Step 4: Designate (that means decide and choose) where you want the image to be saved to, I usually put them on the desktop or in my home folder, then click save.

What is GIMP and why are we learning how to use it?
GIMP is an image manipulation program much like the expensive and well known image manipulation program Adobe Photoshop. Using GIMP you have the ability to change the way digital photgraphs look in lots of different ways with the various tools provided and controls provided in the program. WHO CARES!!! --- WHY this is important...
This is important because as we go out into the real world you will be bombarded with visual images, we live in a very visual world, I believe that if you have a taste of how easy it can be to change the way a visual looks you will be less gullible and more skeptical when presented with an image in our visual world, consider the absurdity of believing everything you see exactly how you see it.
For examples of image manipulation check out 

Method 1 turning the skin green using a color layer (DAY 1)Using the illustration below for assistance follow these directions. Assuming you open the image in GIMP.
Step 1: Open your layers dialog, then add a new layer.
Step 2: Change the foreground and background color accordingly to green.
Step 3: Using the Brush tool and the Eraser tool, on the new layer brush green covering all the skin.
Step 4: In the layers dialog, change the layers Mode: to Color.
Consider lowering the opacity of the green layer a little to smooth the look if it is over saturated with green.

Method 2 turning the skin green using a selection and Hue & Saturation (DAY 2)
Using the illustration below for assistance follow these directions. Assuming you open the image in GIMP.
Step 0: In the layers dialog duplicate the background layer.
Step 1: Using the Eraser tool, or the various selection tools to clear all but the skin from the image. 
Step 2: Once the skin is the only thing left in the layer change the HUE of the skin to a green color.
Now that you learned both ways to do about the same thing... (DAY 2)

Continue using whichever method you prefer or a mixture of both to achieve the results you want in your 3-5 green celebrities.
When finished with a green celebrity.Save them as either a filename.jpg or filename.png, either file type would be fine.
PNG will have the best quality.
JPG will be more versatile.

When done with all 3-5 choose your favorite one or two and copy and paste the files into the shared folder, subfolder green, then fill out THE GRADE.

These three celebrities are all from Portland, OR.

Spring Break Tropical Text

Design a sign that says "Have a fun, safe Spring Break, March 21st-25th"
Edit in GIMP, have the words SPRING BREAK larger than the other words, to show emphasis and draw attention. Find a tropical photograph that illustrates a nice place to have a break away from the usual grind of school and busy life.

Timeline: Two days on this assignment.

To get started...

Launch the program GIMP (start > graphics and editing > GIMP)
File > New
400px wide by 300 px high

Use the Text Tool looks like an A and type the required words.
you can position them and type them in various lines to move the words wherever you want.
Required words are

Have a fun, safe

Spring Break

March 21st - 25th

Remember they do not need to look exactly like this, just so it communicates the same thing.
For example you could put your own flair to it by saying:
Have yourself an awesome yet safe
sPrInG bReAk!!!
Marzo veintiuno a trav├ęs de veinticinco

Use the move, scale, rotate tools to position the text how you want it.

Next find a picture to help decorate and illustrate the text. Tropical Beach
Save the image as.
Then file > open the image as layers.
Right click on the SPRING BREAK text layer and click "alpha to selection"
Click on the tropical layer and copy and paste (ctrl + c, ctrl + v)
Click the add new layer button to secure the pasted floating layer.

Do it again if the words Spring and Break are different layers.

Select the tropical picture layer and lower the opacity somewhere around 30ish

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Make any other further adjustments to make the picture look pretty.

Wolfram Alpha

My Wordle

Instead of pasting text, simply type in the various words you want associated with your name.

The more times the word repeats the larger it will be.
Type your first name several times so that it is the largest text on there.

Do not put your last name because it is on the Internet.

Feel free to look up synonyms at

Take the picture using Picasa 3, using the print screen key.
Save to Y drive.

HINT:  To preview and then go back and add words, copy the text before clicking go, that way when you go back you can paste the text.  Last hint.. If you do not want a word on there, right click and remove.

Women's History Wordle

Make 5 different wordle's of significant women in history, put them together in a connect the matching worksheet / quiz.

The Bio turned into The Wordle
 Bio's -

Step 1. Copy all the text, select all (ctrl + A, then ctrl + c)

Step 2. Paste all the text into the directed area at

Step 3. Change the look of the Wordle, colors, fonts, direction of text, etc..

Next we need to SAVE the Wordle as a picture.

Open the program Picasa 3.
Step 1. Press the PntScn (Print Screen) key on the keyboard (upper right)
Step 2. Crop, and save as to the Y drive.

Day 2 we will insert pictures from Y drive.
Insert the Wordle.jpg into Microsoft Word in a table of 2 columns by 5 rows.
Step 1. Launch the program Microsoft Word.
Step 2. Insert a table.
Settings: 2 columns by 5 rows.
Step 3. Insert > Picture > From File

Organize and mix up the Wordle's with their correct answer.