The Elite Championship Awards Showcase

Review all your finished work over this entire semester and judge them based on what you think is your best work, it could be any assignment that you feel you did well or looks good in the end, however you want to judge.

--Be sure to check your Y drive for files that we did in the upstairs computer lab.
--Choose assignments that you can show the finished work.
-- 3 DAYS on this assignment,
-first day spend reviewing what you have done, which you want to display.
-Second day, spend time taking screen captures of finished work and inserting them into slideshow.
-last finish up presentation decorate with images that are in the shared folder.

Come up with the top three and give them first place, second place and third place.

Put them together in at least a 3 slide OpenOffice Impress showing each one off, per slide, starting at the 3rd place (or runners up) and ending with the winner.

Your welcome to dress up the presentation any way you can to make it look cool.
In the shared folder in a folder called "awards pictures" are resources.

The OpenOffice Impress slide should show off the final work and have a short description of why you liked the assignment, see example.

Copy the finished OpenOffice Impress  file ".ppt" to the shared folder.

Q-block - 3D and Layers

Learn about 3D and Layers.

Make something recognizable. A bird, chair, horse, cat, car, logo, etc. anything that is more than just random chunks of blah.

Turn it in by posting the finished URL as a comment. The URL should look like this. See below comment.

20 things I learned about browsers and the web. Part 2

Open these both in new tabs. Right click on the link (open in new tab)

If you want to do it the hard way first read through the first half of the book pages 20 through 50 and then fill out the online form.   But if you want to do it the easy way, read and fill it out as you go switching between tabs.

This assignment is to be done individually which means NO SHARING ANSWERS (cheating) if you are caught sharing an answer or having an answer shared to you, there will be NO FREE TIME for both students, typing practice instead.    I gave you hints as to which page each answer is on, and if you still need help, raise your hand and I will come help you.
 For best practice USE GOOGLE CHROME  - zoom into the full page view in the bottom right

THIS TIME YOU ARE GOING TO BE SCORED and guesses will result in a lower grade, IF you get 3 of the 9 (one is just an opinion) questions wrong you will have to do an extra form also.
Google Online Form - 20 things I learned about browsers and the web - Part 2

This is the extra form you have to take if you FAILED the 9 questions (got three wrong) (IT'S AN OPEN BOOK TEST, NOBODY SHOULD BE GUESSING OR FAILING)

Google Online form - 20 things I learned about browsers and the web part 3